SACCHI TARTUFI - Fresh Truffles & Truffle Gastronomy
La ricerca dell’eccellenza inizia dalla selezione scrupolosa del tartufo che nasce in un territorio dal microclima ideale, dalla lunga vocazione per la coltivazione: Acqualagna, nella gola del Furlo, tra Urbino e Pesaro, è una delle poche zone d’Italia in cui il prezioso frutto può essere raccolto tutto l’anno dai cavatori. Una specificità esaltata nel nostro laboratorio, coniugando martigianalità a una tecnologia moderna, il rispetto di alti standard qualitativi all’amore per il proprio lavoro.
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Giving only the best of the best. This has been our belief since 1986 when we gave life to the brand Sacchi Tartufi, a line of high quality gastronomical products where the precious tuber is the protagonist

The search for excellence begins with a scrupulous selection of truffles originating from a territory with an ideal microclimate. from a long vocation for cultivation: Acqualagna, in Gola del Furlo, between Urbino and Pesaro, one of the few areas in Italy where the precious fruit can be collected all year long by foragers. A selectivity exalted in our laboratory by uniting artisanship with modern technology, respecting high-quality standards and love for what we do.

Coordinating the entire production process in our plant, from the selection and cleaning of the best truffles to their transformation according to traditional recipes,

up to the sterilization and packaging,  allows us to maintain the unaltered and organoleptic characteristics of this precious fruit and to exalt its remarkable personality. An always sought after quality today certified according to the FSSC 22000 standards as well as BRC, ISO 9001 and  IFS for food production.

The goodness of the products and the commitment to putting our customers’ needs first has allowed us to grow over the years:

that’s why we are chosen by delicatessens, specialty food markets, restaurants and large distributors every day. We are not only found in Europe but also in the Asian and North and South American markets with our best varieties of fresh truffles and refined specialty conserves that win you over at first taste.

for those in search of something special!